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The You Guru You Method

my proven 3-steps that integrate fail-proof intuition, critical thinking, and any spiritual stance so you can anticipate, decide, innovate, and problem solve with ingenuity, precision, and speed today. 


Hi, I'm Lara Piu.

I teach business owners like you how to use intuition the right way so you can

know what step to take next and fast track your path to success.

I teach you how to tap into your inner voice, inspiration, wisdom, and genius without the need for outside validation, psychic help, or other voices in your ear. My clients walk away fully equipped to run their business with confidence and say, "Now, I just know my next step!”

Dr. John Demartini Says

"The Values Factor" International Bestselling Author and teacher in "The Secret" says, "A must-read book offering a fresh, new approach to living an inspired, fulfilling and divinely guided life."


Lara has Been Featured In

"Lara has opened a portal for women throughout the world to find their voice in tandem with new ears for listening to God."

- Tammy Lelie Skinner, Author and Founder of 7 Floors to Balance, a Peace Education Program of the United Nations

Your Inner Voice Must Be Your Loudest Voice If You Want To Soar To Success & Be True To You.


"Thank you for inspiring all of us! I am so grateful for you. You have my "back," you keep me on track and reassure me when I need it. You rock! Thank you!"

Carol A. Baetzel
Owner, CBPR

"Lara is funny and relatable. Her techniques have helped guide me in my ever-changing life to many surprising successes!"

Mirelle Inglefield
Creative Director, PHOENIX Magazine

"This was a surreal, emotional experience we will never forget. Lara fostered a spirit (no pun intended) of sisterhood and true communion, so it was a special evening. "

Leah LeMoine
Managing Editor, Cities West Media

"Lara taught me how to listen for the messages and tap into the inspiration intended just for me so I can live my best life ever."

Nanci Arvizu

Lara has Worked With

TV Spotlight

Lara shares common intuition pitfalls with ABC's Sonoran Living. 


Podcast Spotlight

Lara shares how intuition impacts business with Phoenix Fashion Week Executive Director, Brian Hill in his podcast, Fashion Rewired. 



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