About Me

As a nationally syndicated writer and events and marketing professional, I’ve worked with Microsoft, DSM Worldwide, HPE, USA Networks, and Wells Fargo Bank, Hay House authors like Dr. John Demartini, and other brands both big and small. 

And in 2006, I bought into a flower shop franchise and single-handedly drove the shop from obscurity to the number 1 spot, surpassing its other 236 US franchise units and garnering a market sale price three times what I had invested. 

I accomplished these things without formal marketing, business or writing training, thanks to intuition.  

So when God saved me from a life-threatening domestic violence situation in 2007, I realized the divine had been there all along, but that I needed to sort divine from distractions. I dedicated the next decade decoding intuition.

In 2018 I shared what I learned in my first book, “Hear God Now: Divine Guidance for Women On-the-Go,” which was an Amazon.com 90-Minute Read Best Seller.

Today I am a teacher/trainer helping people tap into their true source of inspiration, wisdom, intuition, and genius without the need for outside validation, psychic help, or other voices in their ear.

After working together, my clients often tell me that they feel more inspired and they say, "Now, I just know what’s right for me.”

ACTIVATE your infinite inspiration for work and life in three easy steps with my smartphone, tablet, and desktop friendly PDF. 

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