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AIM: The Analytical Intuition Method by Lara Piu

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About the Book

If you struggle with decision making, you’re not alone. Most people (six out of 10) struggle with decision making every day. Now you can end that with a quick and easy read of Lara Piu’s new book, AIM - The Analytical Intuition Method: 3 Steps to Eliminate Indecision, Create Innovation, and Dominate the MarketIn her new book, Piu outlines three easy steps anyone can take to: 

  • Make Faster, Better Decisions

  • Amp Up Creativity, and

  • Succeed in work and life. 


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Caption: New book, AIM - The Analytical Intuition Method outlines three steps leaders and professionals can take to make faster, more accurate decisions and devise future-relevant innovations.


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About AIM: The Analytical Intuition Method 

The Analytical Intuition Method is a science-based, three-step system that eliminates indecision and lack of innovation so businesses can dominate the market and increase their bottom line.

Did You Know?


Businesses waste millions of dollars on decision-making every year.

  • 50% of employees spend more than 30% of work time making decisions

  • 14% of C-suites spend more than 70% of work time making decisions

  • 61% of employees and 57% of C-Suites say their decision-making time is used ineffectively

Success and intuition mastery go hand in hand.

  • 80% of executives in companies that doubled profits have above average precognition abilities 

  • 65% of C-suite executives use intuition

  • 63% of executives use intuition

Most people say their intuition is not reliable.

  • 50% of Americans use their intuition

  • 4/5 report that their intuition is not reliable 


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About Lara Piu 

Two-time Amazon Best-selling author Lara Piu helps businesses eliminate indecisive leadership, stalled timelines, slow sales, and lack of innovation with AIM, the Analytical Intuition Method. As a marketing professional, she used AIM in her work for Microsoft, DSM Worldwide, Informa, and Wells Fargo Bank, and as an entrepreneur, she used it to grow several companies, including a click and mortar retail franchise she led to number one in the nation. Lara earned her Bachelor's Degree from Arizona State University and she earned her Master's Degree from Portland State University.

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Caption: Millions of dollars in corporate spending are needlessly wasted on decision-making says Piu who shares a new solution in her just-released book, AIM: The Analytical Intuition Method.


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Caption: Intuition Expert, Lara Piu is a two-time Amazon Best-Selling Author.


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