Finish 2020 Strong & Claim Your Best New Year

Holiday Readings with Lara Piu

For a limited time, Lara is offering live Zoom readings during the holiday season! Her messages from across the veil will help you make a strong finish in 2020 and prepare for your best life in the new year. 

Give Private Readings as a powerful, life-changing gift to friends, family members, and yourself. Or book a Group Reading for your small holiday gathering or next girl's night in.

Sessions are available for a limited time only, so grab yours today!


Holiday Readings with Lara Piu End In:









“Our girls’ night in with Lara was a surreal, emotional experience we will never forget. It was jaw-dropping to see how accurate she was with some of the gals’ readings’ and how deeply touched they were by the spiritual connection and communication. We all cried at least once, if not multiple times, throughout the night. Lara fostered a spirit (no pun intended) of sisterhood and true communion, so it was a special evening for all.”

– Leah LeMoine, Managing Editor, PHOENIX Magazine

“Lara’s intuition is truly a gift from God. I’ve held small, private parties in my home with her and am completely mesmerized beyond belief with the accuracy of her messages. She culminates her readings and sessions with 3 easy steps to listen, document and validate, reassuring us we all have the gift, and she teaches you how to use that. Life transforming experience!”

- Carol Baetzel, Owner, CBPR

“I'm still reeling in and processing my amazing reading! Our evening is surely something I will never forget and I feel like it is just the start of a true and happy life for me. I will forever be grateful for this pivotal experience you gave. There is already a change brewing inside. ”

- Mirelle Inglefield, Creative Director, PHOENIX Magazine

“My college-crew and I invited the gifted Lara Piu over for a group reading. The evening was powerful and enlightening. Of course, a few tears were shed, but to me that means breakthroughs and healing. Thank you Lara for being so warm and sharing your gift with us!”

- Kristy Beyer Durkin, Influencer, Where Should We Eat

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