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Trust Your Intuition in 3 Days

Peace, Love, and Life on Your Terms


Do You Enjoy:

Self Care like quiet time, long walks, massages, spa days, and vacations, or

Inspiring things like art, books, nature, and deep conversations, or

Spiritual tools like prayer, meditation, journaling, signs, cards, sage, psychics, crystals, candles, and astrology,


But You Don't Trust Your Intuition? 

Hi, I'm Intuitive and Intuition Trainer, Lara Piu and here's what I know:

Distractions cloud your vision and stunt your potential.

You were born with intuition, but you don't trust it because no one ever showed you how to use it properly.


Successful women act from their authentic inner voice.

If you want to have ongoing success (however you define it), you must live from your heart. And its voice is known as intuition.


Women who who make their inner voice their loudest voice create the life they desire.

The universe can't have your back until you learn to ignore spiritual distractions and allow the sacred divine voice inside you to fully emerge. 


Inspired Living

Unleash your unique, authentic voice.

Divine Information

Rise above the noise and know what's right for you.

You Guru You

Peace, love, and life on your terms. 

Your Journey

Day 1

Your Todays and Tomorrows

How can intuition help you live your best life right now?

Day 2

Your Activation, Style & Helpers

What is your foundation to a keen & reliable intuition?

Day 3

Your Divine vs. Distractions

What distractions get in the way of your divine messages?

Carol Baetzel Owner, CB Public Relations

"Thank you for inspiring us all!"

Mirelle Inglefield, Creative Director, PHOENIX Magazine

"Lara is funny and relatable. Her techniques have helped guide me in my ever-changing life to many supporting successes!"

Nanci Arvizu, Author

"Lara taught me how to listen for the messages and tap into the inspiration  intended for me so I can live my best life ever."

Tammy Lelie Skinner, Founder of 7 Floors to Balance, a Peace Education Program of the United Nations

"Lara has opened a portal for women throughout the world to find their voice in tandem with new ears for listening to God."


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